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Are you looking for a casino that will give you the best time of your life? Need to get the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you score the jackpot of the year? Looking for the perfect gambling space that will let you live your life to the fullest?

If you answered yes to all that, boy, do we have news for you!

Canadian gamblers, listen up! If you want the most splendid betting place to light up your life, we have all the details you’ll need. Our team comprises the best minds with the most excellent expertise in casinos. If you need advice on which live casino suits your needs best, have no worries. You can read our extensive reviews on popular as well as upcoming online betting establishments to make up your mind.

On this comprehensive review about live casinos, find all the information your heart desires. We promise not to disappoint!

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🤞 Our Top List Of Live Casinos To Play In Canada 2023

Casino Rating Welcome Bonus Score Casino Site
Lucky Nugget Casino
27 votes
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus Visit Casino
Quatro Casino
34 votes
C$100 + 700 FS
Welcome Bonus
C$100 + 700 FS
Get Bonus Visit Casino
Captain Cooks Casino
27 votes
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus Visit Casino
Casino Classic
34 votes
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus Visit Casino
Ruby Fortune
31 votes
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus Visit Casino
Jackpot City
29 votes
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus Visit Casino
King Billy
28 votes
C$2500 + 250 FS
Welcome Bonus
C$2500 + 250 FS
Get Bonus Visit Casino
Wild Fortune
32 votes
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus Visit Casino
31 votes
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus Visit Casino
30 votes
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus Visit Casino

❓ What is A Live Casino?

Live casinos, for a newbie, are an alternative to the ongoings at a physical casino. Basically, unlike physical casinos, the online live casino has a whole lot to offer their clients. You can get access to a lot more games and betting events. The best part? You don’t have to step out of your home to play these games! All you need is a smart device and a stable connection to the internet, and you’re all set!

Live casinos have had a rocky beginning, but now, all you get is a tremendous opportunity to experience heaven. From glorious games to unbelievable graphics, you’ve reached your destination.

🔎 How to Choose the Best Live Casino in Canada?

Deposit Process
Game Selection
SSL certificate
Live Support

Want to play at a live real money casino in Canada? Here’s how we examine various aspects when choosing one:

  • History of the casino
  • The variety of games
  • Player Reviews
  • The type of bonuses
  • The security resources
  • Appropriate licensing
  • Software providers

These are just some of the many factors that we check.

Gambling Licenses

One thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a live casino is the license of the establishment. Casinos must acquire licenses to practice their business legitimately, be it online or physically. Some of the most reliable gaming authorities are:

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • United Kingdom Gaming Commission
  • Curacao Licence

Game Variety

When you scope out a live casino website, you should keep an eye on the games. Make sure to look beyond your favorites and the old-school events. The reason behind this is to ensure that the games at the casino offer you a chance to win. This only happens with variety.

Brand History

Always check the brand history of any live casino. It is an incredibly crucial part of choosing a gambling institution. The older the casino is, the more you know it is a reliable organization. Casinos that have been around for a while, even online ones, are much more trustworthy than the newer establishments.

Payment Methods

When choosing a live casino, always check on the payment methods the casino accepts. You can test the quality of a casino based on the transaction processes the gambling establishment offers. If there is a variety of payment methods available for casino-goers, have no worries. You will know it is trustworthy.

Bonuses & Promotions

Here are some of the bonuses you may find at a high-quality Canadian live casino:

  • Welcome bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • No wagering bonus
  • Match bonus
  • Free spins

The higher number of bonuses in a casino, the better the quality. Keep an eye on the process of withdrawing your loot from these bonus rewards.

Safety & Player Protection

No matter how attractive a casino looks, always check out their safety measures. Online casinos work with loads of personal and banking information of clients. They should ensure that this data never becomes an easy target for hackers. You can visit official websites like eCogra to check whether a casino is safe or not.

🎲 How to Play Live Online Casino in Canada?

Choose Casino
Sign In
Deposit Money
Grab Bonus
Choose Game

Are you new to the exciting world of playing at a superb live casino Canada has to offer? Even if you are an experienced player, it never hurts to learn unexplored stuff! Here are a few important things everyone can brush up on when registering on a live casino site:

How to Register in Canadian Live Casino?

Before you start playing at a live casino, you have to choose a gambling establishment. Select one from the highest-rated and best casinos available online.

Create Your Account

So, you’ve chosen a live casino. All you have to do is sign up and register an account. Provide your personal and banking details in the appropriate spaces.

How to Log into the System?

Whenever you want to log on to your account, click on the login option. Provide your username and password. You can start playing.

Choosing a Casino

To choose a casino, you need to make a list of what exactly you are looking for in the establishment. You can then go for a live casino that will meet your requirements.

How to Receive a bonus?

The casino offers incentives in the form of bonuses. You can get them once you sign up.

Choosing a Game

Now that you’re past all the documenting parts, here’s the fun part. Choose any game you want to play from the list of slots, poker, hold ‘ems, baccarat, roulette, craps, etc.

Playing Process

If you are unsure about the playing process of a game, don’t worry. Casino games offer a “how to play” option for first-timers.

How to Withdraw Money?

If you want to withdraw money from your casino account, you have to choose a payment method. The casino will process your request accordingly. You will receive your money within hours to a week, based on the method you choose.

➕ Advantages of Live Casinos

Our experts have compiled some of the advantages of playing at online live casinos:

Real-time Games With Live Dealers

Live casinos offer games that play out in real-time. You can see your game playing out instead of watching only a prerecorded or fixed tournament. Moreover, with a real live dealer present at the virtual table, you can truly enjoy and have a good time. You’ll forget all about physical casinos.

Live Chat Feature

Miss laughing with your friends or other players at a casino table? The live-chat option solves all your problems! With live chat, you can communicate with other players as well as the dealer. You can talk about the game or anything under the sun as the game progresses.

Play Whenever You Want, Wherever You Are

One of the best things about a live casino is that it is available anytime you want. Operating on a 24×7 timestamp, you can log in with your info and start playing whenever. In addition, you can play from whichever location you want. You can play right on your bed!

Superior Selection Of Games And Events

A physical casino is no competition for a live establishment online when it comes to the selection of games. Live casinos have a much wider selection. They are constantly expanding their offering to provide you with the best experience ever. Unlike at physical casinos, you get more than the same old games.

Live Casino Promotion

Canadian casino goers, listen up! The promotions that a live casino offers are sure to turn your head. From cash prizes to super spins to more, live casinos stop at nothing to make you satisfied. You can choose your promotions from the options that a casino offers every week or so.

Very Realistic

If you are languishing about the lack of nostalgia of physical casinos in online, live establishments, have no concerns. Live casinos want to make the transition as smooth and fantastic as possible. You will find live casinos very realistic in their workings. The additional benefits you get certainly make for a sweeter deal.

Results Are More Transparent

Unlike other types of casinos, you can see the real deal at live online casinos. Live betting institutions are more transparent in their procedures because everything plays out in real-time. There is little way for anyone to dupe a gambler playing on a live gaming or betting event at these establishments.

➖ Disadvantages of Live Casinos

Like everything else, live casinos also have faults. Our experts have compiled the disadvantages of playing at an online live casino. Take a look below to know more:

Technical Problems and Errors

The most obvious issue with live casinos is that you need access to a stable internet connection. This is not a luxury that many people or locations can afford. Faulty WiFi or data can set you back and make you lose your progress in an instant.

Different Casino Settings

One of the most problematic aspects of playing at live online casinos is that you have to know the settings. Every casino has its own set of settings. These alterations can range from subtle to dramatically drastic. You have to constantly update yourself on these changes. Lack of uniformity is a huge issue.

Games Can Be Slower Because The Dealer Dictates The Pace

While live gaming in real-time is an advantage, the slow pacing is not. Since dealers choose to make the moves according to the speed of the other players, patience becomes a necessity. For fast-paced players who want speed and adrenaline rushes, this may not be the casino for your requirements.

Have Higher Minimum Bets

The point of playing at a live casino is lost for some when the value of minimum bets is high. More expensive values that bets at physical casinos can put people off. There is a reason why minimum bets are so named. If casinos attach such high values, they will lose customers. That is why many players choose minimum deposit casinos in Canada.

🎰 Live Casino Games


Live casino games are why people land up on these sites. Here are some popular games you will find on the best live betting sites:

  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Hold ’em

You will get to play all these games live. Our experts have discussed some of these games at length below.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a banking game that is available at a live casino. To play blackjack, you will need to use a deck of 52 cards. In this game, you will not be playing against any other player, but against the dealer. There are usually five to nine different playing positions on one table. There is a “betting box” where you can place your bet and the player who has their bet in front is the controlling player. To win, you will have to ensure that your card total is higher than that of the dealer. However, the total cannot go beyond 21. There are other rules of the game that can vary depending on the casino and the house edge. There are 5 types of blackjack offered by casinos. They are Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Face Up 21, and Spanish 21.

Live Roulette

Roulette in French means “little wheel”. In the live casino version of the game of the same name, the wheel is your playground. The croupier spins the wheel to determine the winner. In roulette, you have to pick a number and place a bet on it. You can also bet on groups of numbers, the colors red or black, or on whether the number is odd or even. You win if your bet matches the result.

There are three types of roulette you can play at casinos and these include European roulette, French roulette, and American roulette.

Live Baccarat

If you play at a live casino Canada boasts of, you must play Baccarat. Baccarat is a card game. The cards are compared between two parties: the player and the banker. One round of play is known as a Baccarat coup and there can be one of three outcomes. Usually, after a coup, either you have a score that is higher than the banker, or the banker has a higher score. The third outcome is a tie. There are different versions of Baccarat that you can play, and these include punto banco or the North American Baccarat”, Baccarat chemin de fer, also known as chemmy, and Baccarat Banque.

Live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino Hold’em is where true fun resides. At a love online casino, you sit across from a real dealer. Both parties have to try to make the best five-card poker hand. You don’t need any difficult mathematical formulations or bluffs to create a strategy. All you play with is your cards, chips, and intuition. The scalability of the game ensures any number of players can join and experience the pleasure of the game. The game differs from other variants of Texas Hold’em as here all players play against the dealer. Playing with a real dealer allows you to strategize in response.

💰 Live Casino Bonuses

Welcome Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
Deposit Bonus
VIP Program
No Deposit Bonus
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses
Reload Bonus

Ever visited a live casino Canada offers from its bounty? If you have, then you must be aware of all the good things these establishments offer. Going above and beyond the promise of great games, Canadian casinos will provide you with the time of your life. One of the ways casinos incentivize to engage and grow their clientele is through magnificent bonuses and promotions.

Large, promising bonuses are the epitome of an attractive casino. The higher the bonus, the more you win. Here are three bonuses that you can find in Canadian live casinos:

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is the mega bonus pack all new players are eligible to receive. When you sign up for the services of a live casino online, the establishment offers a bonus in return. Known as the welcome bonus, it is the first of many bonuses players receive. This reward is a pretty big one. The bonus encompasses a lot of rewards and prizes. You can get your hands on the bonus if you sign up on a live casino and make your first deposit. The rewards can include anything from 40x to 60x free spins, free cash, and more.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are simply another way of ensuring you have an excellent time at a live betting institution. The bonus is one of the highest offers that can draw customers to a casino site. A deposit bonus is mainly a way for a casino to send thanks to a layer for signing up. You can get a large amount of money once you make your first deposit in your casino account. Some live casinos also offer other perks and benefits alongside the cash prize. Our reviews look for the best deposit bonuses where gambling players can make bank on the offer.

Reload Bonus

Live casinos need to ensure that their clients play in their establishments. To achieve this, they use an incentive called the reload bonus to lure back old customers. This attractive incentive is a way for the casino to ensure both customer loyalty as well as increased activity. Casinos use reload bonuses on playing accounts that haven’t played on their account for a while or have been inactive. The bonus offers players a chance to receive free money after they deposit some money in their casino accounts. Players may have to complete certain requirements to receive and use the money.

💳 Payment Options for Live Casinos

Click on Deposit Button
Choose Deposit Method
Decide Amount of Deposit
Click Deposit
Enjoy Casino Games

Let us look at the payment methods available at online live casinos.

  • Credit Card
  • E-wallets
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Casino Vouchers

Our group of casino experts recommends that you choose a live casino that offers multiple ways for players to make payments. This allowance ensures that a casino is legitimate.

Credit Card

Credit cards are perhaps the most popular payment option at live casinos online among casino goers. Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of a credit card:


  • All live casinos accept this payment method.
  • You can use Visa and Mastercard to deposit and withdraw funds.


  • Can create huge debt.


You may have come across these payment methods in the form of Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, etc. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of E-wallets:


  • A convenient way of making fund transfer.
  • Instant payment at any live casino Canada offers.
  • Very reliable.


  • Not all casinos accept every form of E-wallets.

Bank Transfer

Bank and wire transfers are one of the swiftest ways of conducting fund transactions on live casinos. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using bank transfer as a payment method:


  • Very safe.
  • All high-quality live casinos use this process.
  • Get the highest deposit method value.


  • Transactions take time to complete.


Cryptocurrency is the newest payment method for players at an online live casino. Bitcoin live casino sites have are some pros and cons of using:


  • Extremely safe payment method.
  • Crypto offers instant payments.
  • No need for banks to interfere.


  • Not all casinos accept this method.

🖥️ Live Casino Software Providers

Software providers are the secret behind the success of most live casinos.

  • Netent – Casinos consider Netent as the one-stop solution for casino games.
  • Microgaming – Microgaming is the oldest software provider to casinos.
  • Playtech – Playtech is the master of fixed-odds arcade games, live dealer events, and slots.
  • Evolution Gaming – Evolution Gaming offers the biggest VIP tables.
  • Ezugi – Find the best Caribbean Poker, Lottery, and Blackjack games by Ezugi at a live casino.


There is a reason why casino owners recommend Netent wholeheartedly. The organization has been on the market for over 20 years. With over 200 games notched on their belt, Netent is truly the epitome of fine casino playing.


Founded in Tartu, Estonia, in 1999, Playtech received its casino license in 2001. The biggest accomplishment of the company is that it created the iPoker poker network. The team behind Playtech contains some of the most enigmatic and creative visionaries in the field of live casino software.


Microgaming is a legendary gambling provider. This company was the first to launch online slots to the world’s first online casino. Those in the casino and game developing industry consider Microgaming as the first software developer before all. The organization is perhaps the biggest force behind the success of most gambling industries. For 20 years on the market, Microgaming has released a record number of games – 850, and this number is constantly growing. The team has also won numerous awards in various categories. Microgaming is the past, present, and future of many popular live casinos.

Evolution Gaming

With the advent of smart tech gadgets and gizmos, betting establishments are also learning to move with the times. Evolution Gaming is the world’s leading manufacturer of live dealer online games. Founded in 2006, over 15 years of successful activity has earned a market capitalization of EUR 1.6 billion.


Founded in 2013, Ezugi has demonstrated time and again the business resilience to build a reputation. This reputation comes in handy as a trusted provider of live casino games. Ezugi developers introduce only the most advanced technologies into the gaming software they produce. Among the 15 games, Caribbean Poker, Lottery, and Blackjack are the most popular.

📱 Mobile Live Casinos in Canada

Technology has left an indelible mark on all of us. It makes its presence known in all aspects of life and all that we do. There is nothing that the technology and science of today have not touched, including live casinos.

Online live casinos are becoming more attuned to the needs of the people. These gambling institutions are creating a one-of-a-kind experience with technology. Using the might of engineering coupled with psychology, live casinos know exactly how to hook and bait their potential customers. One such way is using the mobile casino format to ensure gamblers visit these sites.

Smartphones and other smart devices are a lush playground for online live casinos. Live casino software developers are actively using the capabilities of portable devices for the convenience of gamblers. They are adapting their online casinos so that players can easily access them from their phones anywhere in the world. To do this, the best online live casino sites in Canada are adapting to mobile browsers.

Portable game playing is a huge reason why live casinos have seen an increasing uptick in visitors. With the choice to play from wherever a user is without compromising on graphics or playability is a huge deal. Players can simply download the app or use their preferred browser to visit the site.

Mobile casinos are also a very friendly option for those who may not be comfortable in the hustle and bustle of casino crowds. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic does create lush grounds for large gatherings. In that case, playing on casino mobile sites from the confines of your home is the safest option.

🃏 Difference Between Online Live Casino and Offline Casino

Now you know what a live casino is in the gambling world. You may question whether it is the same as a traditional casino. The two are not the same, although not many can tell the difference. Here is how a live casino is different from a physical casino:

Live Casino Traditional Casino
Live casinos are cheap since all you need is a stable net connection and a smart device Traditional casinos are extremely expensive. You have to spend a lot of money to book tickets, hotels, etc., to visit a special casino
Live casinos operate on a 24×7 basis. You can play whenever you feel like playing Traditional casinos have a structured timeline. You can play only when the casino is open
Live casinos offer greater bonuses and payment methods to participants Traditional casinos are usually stingy about bonuses, nor will you find a great variety of payment methods
You can play at a live online casino right from the comforts of your home You have to exert yourself and spend money on transportation to play at a physical casino

🛇 Blacklisted Casinos

  • Withdrawal problems
  • Poor support
  • Pirated copies of Novomatic games
  • Huge wagering requirements
  • No live chat and support
  • Long payments
Surf Casino
Surf Casino
  • Pirated copies
  • No phone number
  • Long wait

❗❓ FAQ

  • Is it safe to play for real money at a live casino online?
    Safety and security is debatable issue when it comes to casino safety. When choosing a live casino, make sure you know it is safe. You can check their reviews, brand history, safety measures, licensing, etc., when making a decision. Never sacrifice safety for too-good-to-be-true rewards. Avoid seedy casinos at all costs.

  • How can I deposit and withdraw my money on live casinos online?
    Live casinos aim to make the process of transferring funds a smooth procedure for both the user and the establishment. A trustworthy casino offers multiple options like bank and wire transfers, eWallets, vouchers, etc., as payment methods. You can choose the option you prefer and deposit or withdraw your funds.

  • What live casino games are available to play?
    Live games will offer you a range of games and events rarely seen at other casinos. You can play all types of betting games, including baccarat, dragon tiger, slots, sic-lo, fish shooting games. There are thousands of options available for gamblers to play. All you need to do is select one and start playing!

  • Can I play live casino on mobile?
    Live casinos want to ensure you can play however you like. However, some casinos are meant for desktops or laptops only. You can play these games on a phone, but you have to compromise on image clarity and graphics. Your phone might lag, causing you to lose out on events.

  • Can I play live casino games for free?
    Playing games at a live casino has never been easier. If you want to play free games, you can. However, some games are available for free demo mode only. You can play them to practice and learn strategy. Live games, though, are only available after you make a deposit at the casino.

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